22 Nov

iPhone X – the latest offering from Apple



The new iPhone X – what we think


Unless you’ve been hiding under a very big boulder, you can’t have escaped the excitement about the latest addition to the iPhone family – The iPhone X. It was named in honour of the range’s tenth anniversary and was released just a few weeks after the unveiling of the iPhone 8 and 8 plus.

This new iPhone boasts fancy new tricks like the image recognition and speech processing, but with a healthy price tag of £999 it is the most expensive iPhone to date. But is it really all that?

It is, as with all apple gifts, beautiful to look at and is most definitely a trend setter in the world of smartphones. With its stainless-steel band and sleek glass back which curves around to a whopping 5.8-inch OLED display which stretches from corner to corner.


Home(button) is where the heart is….

The really strange thing for me is the absence of the home button which was removed to make room for the vast 5.8in display – which falls a little short if you’re watching a movie as the notch at the top for the camera gets in the way. But let’s face it – if you’re a true Apple fan this really won’t put you off.


Lights, cameras, action! 

If there are any teenagers lucky enough to have this latest addition the likelihood is that the one thing they will use the most is the camera. The crux of it is that for them a smartphone is simply a camera that makes calls!

The iPhone X does not let you down in this department. It not only shoots 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range) video, it also has dual cameras at the back making it probably the best Apple camera yet. My favourite by far is the portrait mode which give a great blurry background with the emphasis fully on the main subject in the photo.Of course the camera is not only used for taking great selfies – it now recognizes your face in order to unlock your phone – so no more trying to remember your passcode after a few Pinot gigglyos and calling a taxi after a night on the tiles. Its fancy infrared, front facing camera will project and analyze 30,000 dots across your face and make a map of you! Apple say the security on this is much better than others in the past as it uses a range of cameras to scan your face so less chance of any breeches putting our minds at rest. Those of us who are believers of every conspiracy theory around (me) should note that it has been said that.. “FaceID should create fear about another form of government surveillance: mass scans to identify individuals based on face profiles”. (something to think about)

Is it just a steaming pile of P%%?

Lastly and I feel most importantly is turning my face into a talking poo! Yep, I can make myself into an Animoji. With the wonderfully gimmicky TrueDepth front camera you can map your facial expressions onto your favourite emoji. So the next time someone says you’re talking a load of poo – you actually can!!

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