17 Jan

Highs and Lows of 2017 (in Sams’ opinion of course!)



As we have now got to the middle of the first month of the year – Cloudy Groups’ Lead Copywriter and gadget-lover Sam has taken a moment to choose her 4 top, flops and faux pas online and in Technology from 2017

The Tops

Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic

The iconic Super Nintendo made a comeback in 2017 and gamers all over embraced this star from back in the day. It came fully loaded with 21 of the best Nintendo games of all times including Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda and of course my personal favourite –  Donkey Kong. Everything about this gaming machine takes you back to the 90’s including the classic controllers. This stroke of nostalgic genius certainly paid off, as the Super Nintendo was the second best-selling video game console in the months leading up to Christmas. In a world of PS4 and Xbox ones, this is an amazing achievement. IphoneX We all know this phone costs more than the average monthly mortgage payment but the iPhone X is just one of those gadgets you’ll pay those extra pennies (pounds) for. With its sleek edge-to-edge screen and facial recognition is the king of smartphones in 2017. The top feature for me has to be the animoji and you can get to be a talking poo – what more could you want from Apple’s top phone?






Alexa (Amazon Echo) Having Siri at my beck and call can get somewhat tedious as I can’t think of any more random questions to ask her and there are only so many accents she can have. So, welcome to Alexa! I had the opportunity to play with the latest and quite reasonably priced, Amazon Echo over Christmas and I think she has won me over. One she’s connected to all your apps and music library she is useful and to be fair – should I get around to buying one of my own she’ll definitely be the only ‘person’ in my house to do as they are told 😊  HP Sprocket Whilst I haven’t had the opportunity to play around with this tiny pocket rocket, I am somewhat enthralled by it. It’s not a new concept as we have the Instax camera, but I love the idea of instant photos as opposed to just taking reams of photos on your phone that never make it to paper. However cute and portable, this tiny gadget has a big price attached to it. With a price tag of £145, this will remain on my Amazon wishlist for now. But I’d give it 4 stars for cuteness.

And…. The flops and faux pas’

Donald Trump on Twitter

I am not really a follower of his but I really do have to wonder whose bright idea it was to allow Donald Trump to have a Twitter account. Some of his posts are either mind-blowingly stupid or just beggar belief! One of the many ‘incredible’ posts: I would never call Kim Jong-un “short and fat,” except in this tweet that entire world saw!  Equifax: Mother of all breaches The names, addresses, dates of birth and Social Security numbers were exposed in the Equifax breach are this was exactly what you’d need to steal the identities of the 145 million people affected. On top of this – many of these people did not even consent to Equifax having and keeping their details! All this, of course, was blamed on one employee – wonder if he still works there?




 Snapchat glasses I think this picture says it all! These very eye-catching glasses have a built-in camera that lets the wearer send photos and videos via Snapchat. As they were only ever available through vending machines hardly anyone could get hold of one. One of the main reasons for this flop is the fact you couldn’t actually post from the glasses!!! Needless to say, there are now hundreds of thousands of unsold glasses. Pepsi’s cringe-worthy Kendall Jenner ad In a society obsessed by anything the Kardashians/Jenners do,

we saw a dip in their popularity when in April, Pepsi dropped a YouTube spot showing the model/reality star defusing a Black Lives Matter-esque protest by giving soda to a police officer.

The next day, somewhat wiser, Pepsi pulled the ad. I’ve said it all along – fizzy drinks are bad for you 😊