23 Nov

How can we help you with GDPR?



Throughout this week’s blog series, we’ve introduced you to GDPR and the changes it will bring. We’re aware that there has been a lot scaremongering about the whole subject. So today we’d like to take you through how it might affect your organisation and how CloudyGroup can help.


Who will it affect?


If you were previously affected by the DPA, it’s more than likely that you’re also subject to GDPR. But unlike the Data Protection Act which was a UK Bill, the European GDPR will affect any company that holds personal data of individuals living in countries covered by the directive, regardless of where their headquarters are based. This means that the likes of Google, Apple, Amazon and others will be subject to the Regulations, but so will you if you trade in the UK or EU and hold personal data covered by GDPR, even if your company isn’t based here.


There will be a handful of discretionary exemptions made by the ICO such as where personal data is relevant to criminal justice or taxation, but as a rule of thumb, chances are GDPR will affect you.


When does this all happen?


GDPR comes into force on the 25th May 2018 – which means all companies have until then to ensure they are fully compliant. This means appointments of Data Protection Officers, writing of data protection policies, and all data mapping must be in place by this date with a view to being able to carry this forward.


How can CloudyGroup help?


CloudyGroup has clients across a wide range of sectors from private enterprise to local government and professional services providers. As a Microsoft 365 Partner, we recommend that you take this short online test to see if GDPR will affect you and what measures you might need to consider. We are also pleased to be working alongside DPOrganizer software which can help with your data mapping. Whether you are looking to secure the data you hold in our UK Tier-4 data centre, conduct a data mapping exercise, clean your marketing mail lists or simply rewrite your policies to ensure full compliance, get in touch with our team today to see how we can help.


We hope you’ve found all this useful – please contact our team for more details.