02 Feb

DrayTek Roadshow 2016



Following on from our recent visit to the Microsoft Roadshow a few weeks ago, David and Neal, one of our Network & Server Architects, visited the DrayTek Roadshow 2016.
In order to keep giving our clients the best service on the networking equipment and Wi-Fi solutions we supply, we spoke directly with Draytek engineers and also looked at some of the latest security and performance techniques being used! We also got the chance to network with colleagues in similar organisations to CloudyIT which gave us the opportunity to share our solutions and expertise, and pick up some valuable tips and ideas we can then pass on to our clients.
They also got to speak to Draytek CEO Michael Spalter to discuss the latest trends in IT and communication security and how this affects SMES. Neal had to say, ”The Draytek Roadshow was a great chance to look at all the latest communication technology, learning how we can improve our client experience and security. I especially liked the discussion on 4G failover and also PCI compliance, both areas we are seeing growth and demand in”

Both David and Neal had spent a valuable day at the roadshow (and at the buffet lunch!) and all the great information and advice they gathered there will benefit CloudyIT and our clients.

David meeting CEO of DrayTek Michael Spalter

David and Neal