28 Jun

Work Experience



Work Experience

On Monday 26th June, I arrived at the Cloudy IT office to begin my first day of my work experience at around 9:10. Initially I was taken into the office by my mother who introduced me to the team. After a brief introduction about how they resolve companies IT work and what I would be involved with during my time there.

I was then shown over to Martyn’s desk where he showed me the Cloudy IT website and all the blogs that have been written. It was interesting to see the way the website was put together and all the blogs that had been written. When I first arrived at the office the atmosphere was a flourish of activity as the building works for the new Cloudy Creative department was occurring downstairs which I soon became accustomed to.

The colleagues working here have been extremely welcoming, however their love of tea is something I found rather astounding, with their regular requests for another mug!

Eden Hall